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Ex-policeman behind bars
Meet a retired policeman who now spends his days introducing prisoners to Jesus through Christianity Explored.
The Prisoner's Journey: Stories from around the world  
"Despite being locked up, my soul has been freed in Christ." Stories about the impact of The Prisoner's Journey® programme.
The most wonderful time of the year? 
Find out how you can best care for those spending this Christmas behind bars.
Have you heard about our prison ministry?
Meet Stephen James, our Director of Prison Ministry, and find out how he became involved in our work. He joined Christianity Explored Ministries in 2008 to help develop our courses for prisons, after spending time in prison himself.
Reaching the lost and forgotten
With more than 22,000 prisons worldwide, and over 10 million incarcerated, prisoners make up one of the largest unreached groups in the world. They are often forgotten and marginalised. Read Graig's story.
Inside Story
Ian Roberts recently travelled to Colombia and attended a graduation ceremony for 130 prisoners who had completed the Christianity Explored course through The Prisoner's Journey programme.