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You did WHAT with your summer holiday? 
This week we caught up with Abby, a physiotherapist from London, about her experience of running CY at the children’s summer camp she volunteers on.
What will you be reading this summer?  
Don't take a holiday from growing in your faith! Consider packing Honest Evangelism by Rico Tice on your next trip.
Not such a good Friday
One day; two reactions; two very different outcomes.
What's the greatest love you've ever known? 
Disciples ought to be the best lovers. We are, after all, the best loved. Happy Valentine's Day!
The most wonderful time of the year? 
Find out how you can best care for those spending this Christmas behind bars.
Video: Christmas questions answered 
Watch our Youtube playlist to hear Rico's answers to common questions we might have about evangelism at Christmas.
Confined to Christmas?
Minister David Dargue shared his five tips for leading a church in carol service follow-up.
Meet the Nativity 
We're thrilled to be partnering with Speak Life on their brand new series of Christmas films, Meet the Nativity. Find out how we're involved.
Lights in dark places
Katy lives near Glasgow in Scotland with her husband and son. She has been using the Farsi translation of Christianity Explored this year with asylum seekers and refugees at her church.
5 steps to advertising your Christmas events on Facebook 
This December it could be your church appearing in the newsfeeds of people in your community! This is the first of a series of blogs we'll be sharing in the weeks leading up to Christmas, helping you to think through your Christmas outreach.