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Video: got Soul?  
Author and presenter of the Soul series for young adults, Nate Morgan Locke, explains why he thinks Mark's Gospel is worth exploring.
2017 in review 
We've published a quick flavour of our year. We hope you enjoy it.
Video: Christmas questions answered 
Watch our Youtube playlist to hear Rico's answers to common questions we might have about evangelism at Christmas.
Confined to Christmas?
Minister David Dargue shared his five tips for leading a church in carol service follow-up.
5 steps to advertising your Christmas events on Facebook 
This December it could be your church appearing in the newsfeeds of people in your community! This is the first of a series of blogs we'll be sharing in the weeks leading up to Christmas, helping you to think through your Christmas outreach.
What did Luther ever do for evangelism? 
Theology series: You sometimes hear critics of the Reformation saying that it did very little for missions or evangelism. But is that right?
Struggling with evangelism? Don't lose heart!
Theology series: God’s role and our role in evangelism.
Listen: Four ways to improve our engagement with others 
Read some of our take-away top tips for evangelism in a narrative-soaked world, following the Evangelism Conference.
Irma howls: what we need to pray
Our Director of Product Development, Barry Cooper, lives in Florida. He shared his reflections on Hurricane Irma and how it reminded him of the urgency of evangelism.
Hunger and hostility
Theology series: There are two fundamental truths about outreach that we must remember, and we must teach to one another.