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Webinar: Running Christianity Explored on Zoom
A webinar with Craig Dyer, Training Director at Christianity Explored Ministries, and some friends, on how to run Christianity Explored on Zoom, including a Q and A.
Lizzie's story
We were thrilled to receive this story from Christ Church Mayfair in London about their online Christianity Explored course, and to hear from one of the participants on the course.
Evangelism in Eastern Europe
What does evangelism in lockdown look like in other parts of the world? Craig Dyer spoke to some of our friends from Eastern Europe to find out.
Using Discipleship Explored online
Our Training Director Craig Dyer caught up with churches from across the UK and further afield to see how they're using Discipleship Explored during the coronavirus pandemic.
An introduction to BibleMesh
Find out more about BibleMesh, the partnership between BibleMesh and Christianity Explored Ministries, and how churches can use BibleMesh.
Best practices for hosting a course on Zoom
We reached out to a few of our expert friends to give us their best practices for successfully running small groups on Zoom.
Practical advice from church leaders, part 2
Our Training Director Craig Dyer caught up with Merv Kissoon, Ian Miller and Paul Brennan about how their virtual courses are going.
A conversation with Roger Carswell
Craig Dyer, Training Director at Christianity Explored Ministries, spoke to Roger Carswell, author, speaker and evangelist, about making the most of opportunities to grow and share the gospel during lockdown.
Advertising your online courseĀ 
If you're running an online course during the COVID-19 pandemic and want as many people as possible to find out about it, we've collated some top tips for getting the word out.
How to manage security for online courses
The pandemic has created many opportunities to reach people with the gospel. However, it also brings with it new challenges for online security. We've put together a few thoughts for how you might start to manage tricky situations.
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