‘It sketched out the true meaning of Jesus’ | George’s story

George, from Grace Church Wakefield, told his experience of being a guest at a Christianity Explored series. Watch his full interview here. 

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We have all felt the nerves of seeing these eight words on appear on a screen in front of us: 

‘The meeting host will let you in soon.’ 

But, imagine seeing that when you are about to enter into an online meeting with strangers after being invited to look at the Bible. 

George, a 70 year old man who spent most of his life working in the chemical industry, knows that feeling. He was invited to attend a Christianity Explored series online via Zoom.
He said: “At first, I felt nervous but as the course progressed and I got to know the people, that nervousness disappeared. I got more confident, I had a better understanding of what we were studying and it’s not hard, it’s not difficult, there’s no obligation to answer.”

In fact, he went on to say,  “doing it on Zoom meant that I was a little bit more at ease rather than actually meeting strangers.” 

Although feeling dubious about joining Christianity Explored, George said that it fulfilled a need that he wanted to achieve and that was to know more about the Bible. For him, it sketched out the true meaning of Jesus Christ and what he had come to achieve for us. 

It is a common fear that churches are going to put pressure on people to speak but George reassured people that that was far from the truth. He said, “I enjoyed the experience. You’re not forced to do anything, you have a free mind to do the studying, you have the freedom to go to meetings. There is no pressure whatsoever, nobody should be pressured into believing anything.”

He encourages anyone who is thinking about going on a course: “If you are interested, follow that interest and go for it. You have nothing to lose. You’ll probably find, like I did, that you’ll enjoy it.”

If you are interested in attending Christianity Explored, find a course near you.  

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