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We are pleased to announce the launch of a newly updated website at christianityexplored.org. The website exists to introduce visitors to the good news of Jesus and to invite them to take next steps in exploring Christianity further.

Tough Questions  

One of the most popular features on the website is a series of videos answering “tough questions” people have about the Christian faith.

We have filmed 10 new videos answering some of the most common questions people are asking today. Presenters include experts like John Lennox, evangelists like Becky Pippert, apologists like Sharon Dirckx, and local church leaders like Jason Roach.

These resources are designed not just to address the questions people have, but also to model helpful and compelling answers for Christians to use in their personal evangelism.

See answers to tough questions

Real Life Stories

As well as addressing the intellectual questions people have, we want visitors to hear about the transformative power of the gospel in people’s lives. That is why we have made available a series of testimony videos from a wide range of individuals who have come to know the Lord Jesus for themselves.

Some have dramatic conversion stories, like the woman who started reading the Bible while high on heroin. Others are less dramatic, like the woman from a Christian home who came back to church and put her faith in Jesus after some years away. All of the stories are a testament to the work of God in opening blind eyes to the truth about Jesus and transforming lives with eternal consequences.

Read real life stories

What’s next?

Visitors to the website are invited to take things further as they continue exploring the Christian faith.

In the first instance, we have made available the whole text of Mark’s Gospel so they can begin reading it for themselves. The first few verses of Mark are introduced with a short video, and then there are some questions to prompt reflection on what they have just read.

Throughout the website, visitors are encouraged to find a church or course near them. An interactive map lists all of the churches worldwide that have registered Christianity Explored courses, and enables visitors to the website to connect with them and start attending a group. If you run Christianity Explored in your church, it’s quick and easy to register your course online so people searching in your area can find you.

And whoever you are, we hope there will be something at christianityexplored.org that you will find helpful and will want to share with others.

Get exploring now at christianityexplored.org!

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