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Most of us wonder, is there something more to life?

The Finding More podcast tells the stories of eleven people who asked that question and found the answer. 

These fascinating life stories introduce you to people from all kings of backgrounds who became Christians when they encountered the only One who gives us more: Jesus Christ. As their stories unfold, you’ll be shown who Jesus is, why he came, and what it means to follow him. 

Eleven people, one question. Is there really something more? 



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Finding More was written by Rico Tice and Rachel Jones in partnership with Christianity Explored Ministries and was published in 2019 by The Good Book Company. Special thanks to Rachel Redeemed who recorded the audio for the audiobook which we have used for this podcast. 


To find out more about Christianity Explored visit christianityexplored.org and to purchase Finding More, the book visit thegoodbook.co.uk/findingmore.  

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