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Thank you so much to everybody who came along to our annual Love Live Tell event to hear news from the past year, and get a glimpse at some of our plans for the coming year. For me, enjoying my first time at Love Live Tell, it was particularly encouraging to meet so many people, from so many different walks of life, but who all use CEM resources to share their faith. I am constantly struck by the fact that there really is no such thing as a "typical CEM" user, and by the seeming endless creative ways that people find to incorporate the materials into their evangelism. 

This amazing worldwide CEM family is the inspiration behind a new video that celebrates evangelists in all sorts of different circumstances serving the same Lord. We know that sometimes faith-sharing can feel like a lonely business and hope that this video can serve as a small reminder that we are part of a team in this most important of endeavours. 

As you will know if you attended Love Live Tell, I am keen to meet as many CEM evangelists as possible (and that includes evangelists who're chatting with their neighbours over the fence, just as much as those paid by churches to spread the good news). I want to hear about all the different experiences you have, so we can use them to shape and develop our products. If you'd be willing to have a conversation with me, please get in touch at talktokay@christianityexplored.org.

To find out other ways you can get involved in the ministry like signing up to our newsletter, praying for us or giving financially, click here. 

Kay Carter 
UK National Director 

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