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Most Christianity Explored leaders have experienced the frustration of inviting a friend to do the series and being turned down because they're not comfortable with committing to seven sessions. That’s why we’ve created a new course — Hope Explored — which looks at the life, death and resurrection of Jesus in Luke’s Gospel in just three sessions. It shows that Christianity is about real hope: a joyful expectation for the future, based on true events in the past, which changes everything about my present.

Christine Armstrong, Evangelism Worker at All Souls, Langham Place said, “It's wonderful to have the option of a shorter, three-week series to invite people to. Hope Explored offers a thought-provoking introduction to the Christian faith without a big initial time commitment.”

Hope Explored allows those who do not consider themselves followers of Jesus to explore the message of the Christian faith; it’s a great springboard into a longer series such as Christianity Explored or Life Explored. 

Rico Tice, creator of Hope Explored, says: “We want everybody to find the amazing hope that Christ offers us. Churches are telling us that they know people who are willing to come along to a course, but not necessarily to commit to seven evenings. At the same time, when people get to the end of a course they often don’t want to stop!” 

Over the series, guests explore the great longings we have as humans: for hope, peace, and purpose. Through teaching from Rico Tice and studies from Luke’s Gospel, Hope Explored shows how the past events of Jesus’s time on earth can change our future and transform our present.

The series of films focuses on people who are living ordinary lives with the ordinary struggles that we all deal with, helping guests to relate at a more personal level to the Bible studies that follow. 

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Doug Cowie . (Guest) 24/10/2021 13:23
Why don't many Christians read all the gospel accounts?
I was shocked when I was talking to a born again Christian when I asked had she read all the gospel accounts all the way through. She said she hadn't I've also asked other born again Christians and had the same answers.

It only takes two hours to read Mark's gospel all the way through and around three hours to read the other two.
2 Tim 3 verse 16 says all scripture is All scripture is inspired of God .... The Greek word means " God breathed " So to neglect to read the other gospel accounts apart from the gospel of John means we are missing out on a .ot of Jesus's teaching. How many fully understand Jesus's parables ( apart from the well know ones ) Jesus's sayings are unique and powerful for moving people's hearts . Understanding Jesus's teaching about God's Kingdom is essential to a full,, Understanding of Jesus and man's hope for the future. Would you not agree!
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