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What are our courses about, who are they for and how can you get involved? 

Christianity Explored | What's the best news you've ever heard? 


Christianity Explored is a relaxed and informal way of sharing the best news you can ever hear, and gives people space and time to think about the big questions of life.

Over seven sessions in Mark’s Gospel, guests find out more about the life of the person at the heart of the Christian faith – Jesus Christ.   

The structure of each session is simple: a short Bible study, a talk (you can give your own using our talk outlines or use our films) and a discussion based on the talk.

Christianity Explored is for anyone who is looking to explore the Christian faith and there is no prior knowledge needed. 

Watch the first session:

Find out more: www.christianityexplored.org

Hope Explored | What's the best future you could ever imagine? 

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There are few emotions more powerful than hope. But these days, hope often feels hard to come by. Where can we find a hope that won’t disappoint us?

Hope Explored looks at the life, death and resurrection of Jesus in Luke’s Gospel, this three-session series shows that Christianity is about real hope: a joyful expectation for the future, based on true events in the past, which changes everything about my present.

Hope Explored does not require a huge time commitment from guests and is one of the easiest ways to introduce someone to Christianity. 

It is a great introduction to a longer course such as Christianity Explored or Life Explored.

Watch the trailer:

Find out more: www.hope.explo.red

Life Explored | What's the best gift God could give you? 

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Life Explored is an exciting new way to share the gospel in today’s highly visual culture. The seven interactive sessions are based on stunning films shot all over the globe.

It will help people uncover what they’re really living for, and see how, in Christ, God meets their deepest desires for happiness.

It can be run before or after Christianity Explored or Alpha, and is perfect for anyone looking for answers to life’s big questions. 

Watch the first session:

Find out more: www.life.explo.red

Discipleship Explored | What's the best love you've ever known?

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Discipleship Explored helps followers of Jesus turn up the gospel soundtrack to their lives.

It goes beyond simply teaching the right moves - go to church, pray, read the Bible, share the gospel - and focuses on the music which drives discipleship: the love of Christ. The greatest love anyone can ever know.

This eight-session journey through Paul’s letter to the Philippians is ideal for believers at any stage of the Christian life. It features brand-new documentary-style films and inspiring real-life stories from around the world, Bible studies and weekly reading plans, and a beautifully redesigned Handbook.

“The quality of the content is matched by the quality of presentation in this amazing series.” Michael Horton, Professor of Theology, Westminster Seminary, California

It can be run after Christianity Explored or Life Explored.

Watch the first session:

Find out more: www.discipleship.explo.red

Get involved... 

At Christianity Explored Ministries we aim to help people meet Jesus in the pages of Scripture so that they will love the good news, live the good news and tell the good news.

There are many ways to get involved in the ministry:

Run a course 
Find a course 


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