An update from Albania

An update from our friends in Albania running Christianity Explored and SOUL.
update from Albania

This is the fourth year that Christianity Explored courses have been running in some of the Albanian churches. They are a crucial part of the ministry. Originally started as a three-year project to provide quality teaching to help people understand the teachings of Jesus, has led to results in such a short time of people accepting him as Saviour.

Erion, a pastor in Albania, in a recent update said: ‘Christianity Explored makes sure people understand the good news and the cost it has when you decide to follow Jesus. It points out that Jesus is Lord which is very needed in a Muslim country like Albania. It helped those who had been at the church for a long time, finally make the decision to follow Christ.’

‘We had the opportunity to print only a small amount of SOUL materials and in the next month or so we will run out. So prayers are appreciated on printing more. The majority of church members in Albania are children and youth so it is crucial we have enough to support churches in their mission of making disciples.’

To find out more information, click below to view the most recent statistics on Christianity Explored from the Albanian team:

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