The Buddy Scheme


We have been encouraged to see churches all over the world seize the moment and engage in evangelism digitally. We have also noticed that a significant number of churches would have loved to be able to do the same, but have lacked the resources to make it happen.

This got us thinking that it might be an amazing blessing to these churches to be paired up with a 'host' church that has run Christianity Explored online so that they could benefit from the experience and relative expertise. It would be run by the host church so that the guest church wouldn't need to worry about the technical aspects, but they could have their own breakout room(s) to maintain their identity as a church group and to not cause a significant amount of extra work.

Would you like to be a 'guest church'?

If you would like to be connected with a 'host' church, then take a look at the course details below and get in touch with a church using the contact email shown.

Would you be willing to be a 'host church'?

If you would be willing to be a 'host' church, could you leave a comment by clicking the box below, copy and paste the following text, and fill in the details:

Contact email (will be shown publicly):
Course you are running (CE/LE/DE only):
Dates of the course (e.g Wednesdays at 8 pm from 21st April):

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