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Andrew Leong shared with us his update on the production of Christianity Explored in Vietnam.

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At the beginning of 2019, a journey began to take Christianity Explored and more importantly, the gospel, to Vietnam. The project has been led by Andrew Leong and was born out of an existing relationship between his church in Singapore and a student group in Da Nang on the East coast of Vietnam.
Now, the resource is ready for publication and the team are preparing to have it printed and distributed around the country.
The population in Vietnam is 97 million yet only 2% are evangelical Christians. 35% of the population is in the age bracket between 15 – 35 years; when the project began the team were convinced that “a great evangelistic course like Christianity Explored” would help many Vietnamese “introduce their families and friends to Jesus.” At the heart of it, Andrew wanted to train the new generation of Vietnamese people to be followers of Jesus.
In order to do this, the last few months have been full of long days translating the material and fitting subtitles to the videos that go alongside the course. It has been hard work, but the team are seeing God’s grace shine through. Andrew told us: “despite the obstacles, sacrifices and challenges many of the translators faced in the course of this project, there is a deep sense of them being overwhelmed by God’s grace and the joy of growing in their understanding of him. One of the translators shared about how the gospel was made afresh to her during this translation work and how a deeper conviction about the gospel encourages her to share the gospel with her friends.”
Andrew went on to say that “the course contents have impacted both [the teams] hearts and minds. There were occasions when they had to stop recording and editing because those hard and precious truths of the gospel had moved their hearts to turn to God for repentance and forgiveness.”
Hearing those “hard and precious truths” presented through Christianity Explored in his local church in Singapore gave Andrew confidence in taking the material to Vietnam. He explains, “if it is our desire and prayer for our non-believing friends and families to understand and accept salvation in our Lord Jesus Christ, they need to first know the eternal predicament that they face. And so, we need to make the truths of the gospel, even the hard ones, plain and clear to them. This is exactly the reason why the Christianity Explored Vietnam team is so passionate and committed to this project. We want these amazing and hard truths to get into the hearts and minds of every Vietnamese.”
The videos and leaders’ guides have recently been completed, and the material is soon to be published in Hanoi. Andrew and the team are praying that the publication will go smoothly and that the material will bear fruit in the harvest field of Vietnam. Despite the achievement of completing the project, Andrew insists that “All glory indeed goes back to God our Father!”

Ben (Guest) 27/01/2023 21:57
Grace for true evangelism of the gospel unto souls of men in Vietnam. Amen!!
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