Practical advice from church leaders | Evangelism in lockdown

We may be feeling disappointed that in many parts of the world in-person events and services have been cancelled. However, there are still many opportunities for sharing the good news of Jesus.

Our Training Director Craig Dyer spoke to several churches across the UK to hear stories of how they're already virtually running the course. We hope this discussion will both inspire you and give you practical tips to get going: 

Some of the top tips that came from this discussion included:
  • You don't need a much of a lead up time to run Christianity Explored online - The Tron Church in Glasgow were able to make plans and get ready to run it within a week 
  • Social media is a great place to advertise your course - you could even try some paid advertising, like The Tron Church, or post an invitation video, like St Helen's Bishopsgate
  • St Helen's found it helpful to meet online for a run through before starting the course to iron out any issues and get familiar with the technology
  • You can still give live talks if you're running your course online, but if you're using our videos St Mary's Maidenhead recommend muting everyone else before playing the video to avoid any disruption during the teaching. 

Share your own experience, stories and tips 

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