Lent devotions 30 march 

Monday 30 March


Then Jesus said, ‘Whoever has ears to hear, let them hear.’

Mark 4:9

What do you do when you hear the word of God? Is it something that you casually listen to or do you give it the attention that you would your child crying in the distance? 

Jesus challenged his disciples to hear the word accurately. It is a solemn reminder to every person on the face of the earth to hear the word and respond by faith! Why? Because our eternal destiny is determined based upon how we respond!

Jesus is a good farmer. The farmer does what he is supposed to; he scatters seed (the gospel), and the seed produces fruit (genuine saving faith in Jesus and good works motivated by God’s grace) but not in every case. Good seed scattered in good soil produces good fruit. The question is, what kind of soil is his seed landing in? 

A few will respond positively and yet many will reject the gospel. In the parallel gospel account in Matthew 13:15,  it says some will harden their hearts, denying their need for a Saviour, refusing to hear God’s word spoken, and closing their eyes to the reading of God’s word.

Is there a challenge here to you and I? I think there is. I believe God is calling us to act with dependent responsibility. We are to be faithful in sharing the good news that Jesus saves, utterly trusting God for results.

Will you do both? Trust God and pray that he gives ears to hear! He can do what is humanly impossible!

Heavenly Father, thank you for speaking your word to us. Please give us ears to hear the truth about Jesus, and to respond with faith and action. Amen.


Nicola Fisher Written by Nicola Fisher, Office Manager

Nicola comes from an administrative background within recruitment and now coordinates the office and financial administration at CEM. She currently lives in East London.

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