Christianity Explored Illustrated: Online feedback form 

Thank you for taking a few minutes to tell us about your experience of using the trial Christianity Explored: Illustrated materials. We'd be grateful if you could complete the form below. 

Guest handbooks (weekly handouts)

1. How much of the content did you get through each session?

2. How well did the guests engage with the content of the handouts? For example, did they take notes and follow along? 

3. Did guests understand the diagrams? If not, which diagrams did they struggle with? 

4. Would you suggest any improvements to the handouts? 


Discover More (follow up work)

1. How many of the guests used Discover More?

2. How much time did you use in the session to answer questions from Discover More?

3. What did you like about the Discover More material?

4. Would you suggest any improvements to the Discover More sections (you can make general comments or give specific feedback on particular sessions)? 


Leader's Guides

1. Did you use the Leader's Guides? If so, did you use them before or during the sessions, or both? 

2. What did you like about the Leader's Guides?

3. What could be improved in the Leader's Guides (again we would welcome both general and specific comments)? 



1. Did you use the videos in the sessions? 

2. Did the videos complement the content of the Guest Handbooks?

3. What could be improved in the videos?


Personal experience 


1. What did you find most encouraging about leading?

2. What did you find most difficult about leading?

3. Feel free to comment on any other aspects of Christianity Explored (eg the films, the Handbooks,, etc).


A little bit about you 

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