Lent devotions facebook 5 

Thursday 12 March


Jesus said to them, ‘It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but those who are ill. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.’

Mark 2:17

My wife would tell you that when I’m ill I tend to put off going to the doctor for as long as possible. Only when I can’t stand the pain any longer I’ll drag my sorry self to get some pain relief or a diagnosis. Once the doctor has diagnosed the problem, only then can they treat me with the right medication.

In a similar way, Jesus knows exactly what’s wrong with us and it can be quite uncomfortable hearing his diagnosis. This is not a physical diagnosis like we get from the doctor but a spiritual one. A medical doctor can’t diagnose us with a spiritual problem let alone treat it with medication.

In essence, what we hear from Jesus is that we have something even more deadly than cancer. We have the cancer of ‘sin’ running through our veins, affecting not only our daily lives but also our eternal future. Jesus’ words should deal us a terrible blow, and if they haven’t then we’ve not grasped or understood why he came. In fact, for some of us it’s easier not to listen to Jesus because the diagnosis and prognosis is quite devastating. This is probably one of the reasons why I stay away from the doctor!

Not everyone will accept Jesus’ diagnosis that sin is the biggest problem facing each of us, they will continue living their daily lives as if nothing is wrong but we do this at our own peril. Some of us will accept Jesus’ diagnosis and respond to the prognosis. The prognosis, Jesus can and has dealt with our ‘sins’ and he gives us the daily cure!

Don’t put off coming to Jesus because he has the right diagnosis and can treat you with the correct medication.


Father in heaven, helps us to see that Jesus came to rescue us from sin. In this time of reflection during Lent, please help me to accept Jesus' rescue and not reject it. Amen.


Stephen James Written by Stephen James, Director of Prison Ministry

Stephen joined the team to help develop our courses for prisons, after spending time in prison himself.  Stephen and his family currently live in Swansea, Wales.

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