Who are you praying for in 2020?  


Last week we shared some thoughts on what to pray for in 2020, and this week we're introducing you to a tool that will help you think about who to pray for, and how to pray for them. 

Prayer is tough, we know that. But we also believe there is no more powerful practice to have in our daily lives. That's why we're launching a new free prayer tool for you, your family, your small group, or your church.

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These prayer cards are designed to help you intentionally pray for those you know who have not met Christ yet. Here's how they work:

1. Download and print your cards

Download your free PDF

When you print, be sure your settings are on print on both sides and flip on short side. This will give you four front and back cards on an A4 sheet of paper that you can cut and give to three others to use too.

2. Choose five names

Who do you know that needs to meet Christ? Who would you like to share the Gospel with this year? Write their names down in the spaces given.

Place your card and start praying.

3. Place your card and start praying 

Hang or place your prayer card somewhere you will see it everyday, like your bathroom mirror or in your car. Begin praying!

Need help getting started? Flip over the card for some prompts, questions, and scripture to pray over your loved one.


4. Tell us how it's going!

Whether good or... not so great, we want to support you as you pray! Share your questions, testimonies or stories of how God is working. Let us know how we can support you better as you share the Gospel with others.

Comment below, or email info@christianityexplored.org to share how it's going and give feedback.

We'd love you to be praying for our ministry too.

Find out more about how to pray for us

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