Finding More this summer  


Summer is a great time to do some holiday reading. If you're stuck for ideas for what to pack this year and didn't get round to reading our latest release, Finding More, why not get hold of a copy? 

But don't just take our word for it....

"Such a good read"

"Stories are wonderful things and people love to hear them. Whether it’s a little child going to bed, or whether it’s that book you have been devouring, or whether it’s just that coffee catching up with a friend. The majority of the world love a good story.

"That’s one of the reasons why I always encourage people to think about their own story, their own testimony and to tell it to people. People won’t be willing to listen to an apologetics course about God and homosexuality for example, but they’ll happily listen to someone’s story about it.

"That’s why I found Finding More such a good read.

[...]"I enjoyed this book 1) because it told people’s stories, 2) because in the process it showed the beauty of Jesus and the good news, and 3) because it helped me think more about how I share my story."

Alistair Chalmers


"Much-needed encouragement that God is at work"

"This book is written for people who haven’t met this Jesus. But it casts a far wider net than that.

"Nowadays, telling people about Jesus can feel like confessing to be a homophobic, judgmental bigot. So we Christians assume people don’t want to know.

"Reading Finding More is the much-needed encouragement that God is at work. When people meet him, they can’t get Jesus out of their heads. Do you believe that for your mates? Your colleagues? Your kids?

"But reading the book also provided the much-needed challenge that God uses Christians to build his Kingdom. Christians who ask awkward questions like, ‘Would you like to read the Bible?’ know this already.

"So give this book to someone who doesn’t know Jesus. But give it a read first. It’ll encourage you that God’s kingdom is growing. And it will challenge you to get involved in the work."

Jonny Ivy, Heirs Magazine

You can get five copies for £15 with the code MORE40 at checkout, so why not read it with some Christian friends, and then commit to giving your copies away afterwards? Single copies are currently on sale for £4.24 (15% off RRP) and the eBook is available for £3.59.

Comment below if you've enjoyed Finding More or have shared it with a friend!

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