One year of Discipleship Explored  

In March 2018 we published the latest edition of Discipleship Explored

It features brand-new documentary-style films and inspiring real-life stories from around the world, Bible studies and weekly reading plans, and a beautifully redesigned Handbook. Discipleship Explored is as flexible as your are and is perfect for large groups, small groups, or one-to-ones.

Since last March over 1,500 leader's kits, 1,000 leader's guides and 16,000 guest handbooks have been sold all around the world. 



Useful resources 

leadersareaDERegister your series to gain access to the Leader's Area, where you can:

- watch and share the films
- view author commentaries for each episode
- hear Barry Cooper answer frequently asked questions
- access supporting documents, such as the film scripts, feedback forms and recommended resources. 

We've also put together some blogs that introduce you to the people in the films. Read their stories:   

Your feedback 

Thanks for all your comments and reviews! Here's a small selection of what people have been saying: 
“A versatile tool for discipleship”

"People tend to think of Discipleship Explored as simply a follow up to Christianity Explored, but its most recent revision makes it far more versatile than that.

"We used the new DE course with a small group of men with a range of Christian maturity. All of them benefitted from studying Philippians together and sharing insights into the text with one another.

"The updated DVDs are incredibly well produced, with a diversity of global voices included in the conversation, making them helpful for provoking helpful conversation beyond a white middle class context." 

“Love Jesus? You will love this!”

"Growing in our relationship with Christ is the heart of Discipleship Explored

"DE is a wonderful way to study Philippians in depth but it is much more too. Over eight weeks we explore what it means to follow Jesus. How our joy, righteousness, contentment and sufficiency is all found in Him.

"The quality of the films is consistent with what the Netflix generation expects. The subjects all over the world who are interviewed over the eight weeks feel like friends by the end and their heartfelt commitment to Jesus and his transforming grace shines through.

"It is a great programme as a follow on to Christianity Explored or Life Explored or as a standalone course for people who have already committed themselves to Christ. It will not disappoint!"
“Rich content with applied theology that's visually breathtaking”

"Our church's twelve Sunday evening small groups just completed Discipleship Explored as our fall study. In the 2+ years of small groups, I've received more positive feedback from this one than any other.

"I was often moved to tears as I previewed the material. Rich biblical content, thoughtful applied theology, moving interviews with brothers and sisters around the globe, and visually breathtaking."

We'd love to hear more of your thoughts in the comments below. 
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