13 things you didn't know about Christianity Explored Ministries  


As a staff team here at CEM we’re always talking to people about our work - and, despite many being familiar with the Christianity Explored series, people are always surprised to hear about the other things we do as a ministry.

Read our 13 eye-opening facts.

1. We are 90% international

Our resources are used in over 110 countries - from Nepal to Australia, to Uganda, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Lebanon, Singapore and Brazil (to name just a few).

2. This means we have lots of translations - around 60 in fact!

A few translations currently in development are Karamajong, Plattdeutsch and Tongan.

3. The highest altitude Christianity Explored has knowingly been used is 4,062m above sea level

El Alto International Airport in Bolivia is the highest international airport in the world. In 2008 Training Director Craig Dyer and CEM co-founder Rico Tice found themselves running through CE with a fellow passenger as they waited to board their plane.

4. ...And it’s also been used on a Royal Navy Nuclear Submarine!

Somewhere under the North Atlantic an engineer on an eight-week submarine sea trial recruited his crew members to watch ‘a documentary programme about Mark’s gospel’ - we gather they especially enjoyed the footage of Rico in the submarine mock-up simulating the sinking of the Titanic in session 4.

5. We’re not just about Christianity Explored

Our other resources, Life Explored, Discipleship Explored and youth and children editions (Epic Explorers, CY and SOUL) have helped many to love, live and tell the good news of Jesus.

6. Our latest resource, Finding More, was published earlier this year

A collection of eleven testimonies to help you in your evangelism.

7. Our evangelistic website, christianityexplored.org, gets over 70,000 visitors per year

Our most visited page on this site is one that tackles the question: ‘How can a loving God send anyone to hell?’

8. Over 230,000 prisoners across the world have completed the prison edition of Christianity Explored

The Prisoner’s Journey® programme is an adaptation of the prison edition of Christianity Explored, developed in partnership with Prison Fellowship International and used across the globe.

9. Our team is relatively small

There are four full-time and three part-time staff in London, and another three team members live and work across the UK in Swansea, the Scottish borders and Glasgow.

10. ...But very diverse

We are English, Northern Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Canadian and American.

11. We are an independent charity

Though the ministry was born out of All Souls, Langham Place, we have operated as a completely independent charity since 2007.

12. We’re not funded by royalties from the sale of our products

Of every £1 the ministry receives, only 9p of this comes from royalties from sales. A whopping 88p comes from individual donors (only around 100 people at present).

13. Half a million people attend one of our series each year and we have an average annual ministry operating cost of half a million pounds

That means for each £1 donated to us, one person is able to hear the gospel through a Christianity Explored Ministries resource. 

CEMEOFE LogoBlack ColourStrapl

With this unique opportunity, every pound donated as a new or increased regular gift will be matched by some generous friends and given to our international work.

Help us to help people love, live and tell the good news of Jesus to the ends of the earth.

Every £1 you donate enables one person to hear the gospel through our ministry.
  • £10 per month - the total matched amount of £150 (including Gift Aid) helps train 15 pastors to share the gospel in East Africa.
  • £20 per month - the total matched amount of £300 (including Gift Aid) provides eight East Asian churches with local language resources.
  • £50 per month - the total matched amount of £750 (including Gift Aid) could sponsor 15 rural Albanian churches to run Christianity Explored.
  • £100 per month - the total matched amount of £1,500 (including Gift Aid) helps us provide start-up funds for new translations.


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