Five things to pray for your series


We know many of you will be getting ready to lead on one of our series as the new term looms. We'll be posting a number of blogs over the coming weeks to help you prepare. 

No spiritual growth can happen without God’s enabling, so it's a no-brainer that we need to be constantly remembering our guests and fellow leaders in prayer.

Here are five simple things to pray, so next time it pops up in your diary or on your PrayerMate feed you're not lost for words. 

Pray those invited will attend the course 

Ask God that nothing would stop those individuals coming along and that he would bring them back each week. Pray that you and the other leaders would know how to follow-up with these guests week by week to encourage them to keep coming. Ask that God would give them soft hearts to listen to His word.  

Pray that God will enable you to prepare and lead well

Pray that you would be diligent in setting aside time to think about the session ahead and get familiar with the text. Pray that as you do this, God would grow your love for Him and your knowledge and understanding of His word. Ask that what you prepare will be useful in the session and that God will give you wisdom, faithfulness and clarity as you lead.  

Pray for the logistics of organising the course

For food being prepared, rooms being set up, organising the speaker, that the tech would all work well (if you're using it), that there would be no distractions, for safety in travel, the list could go on! 

Pray for good relationships with your co-leaders and group members

Pray for good dynamics that would help guests feel safe and able to open up. Pray God will give you a love for your group members. Pray for lasting and godly friendships to develop. Pray that you would have fun looking at the Bible together as a group. 

Pray that God would dramatically change lives

Ask that He would perform a miracle and open the blind eyes of guests who do not yet know Him. Pray that, by His Spirit, God would show them who Jesus is and give them the desire to turn and follow him. Pray for new Christians to be strengthened and discipled. Pray that mature Christian guests and leaders will grow in godliness. 

Why not share these prayer requests with members at your church not taking part in the series, so they can join in prayer with you? 

Leading can be daunting, whether you've been doing it for years or for the first time. As well as the printed leader's guides, our Leader's Area is full of handy explanatory videos and resources to help you feel equipped. 

You just need to register your series or sign up as a table leader to get access if you don't have a log in already.  


Let us know by commenting below if there are other questions you have about leading that you'd like to see us blog about.

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