Five years on: 236,000 prisoners introduced to Jesus

Our partnership with Prison Fellowship International has seen the development of The Prisoner's Journey® (TPJ), an adaptation of the Christianity Explored Prison Edition, used globally in prisons. 

Prisoners are one of the least-reached groups in the world. They are locked away, isolated, and vilified.

Many inmates often serve their entire sentences without hearing about God’s mercy and forgiveness. Prisoners need to know God loves them. 

Yet they live behind bars, cut off from society. Who will tell them Jesus loves them, and no one is beyond redemption—no matter who they’ve hurt or what they’ve done?

The Prisoner's Journey®

It's been five years since the first small group of prisoners began TPJ, an adaptation of the Christianity Explored Prison Edition that takes participants through Mark's Gospel, introducing them to the good news of Jesus. 

This is the year it could reach a critical tipping point—globally in 2018, PFI expect 20% of the accessible prison population to graduate from the course. In total, 236,000 people will have graduated from the program since its inception. 

So far in 2018, 48% of the accessible population have been given an invitation to meet Jesus through TPJ. Of these, 43% accept the invitation and graduate from the course.

A significant indicator of change and transformation is the continuation rate, which is over 60%. In 2018 PFI expect over 64,000 new graduates to continue their journey with Jesus by participating in a discipleship program. This is over 14% of the accessible prison population.

The figures are so encouraging, and we're delighted to share with you two of many individual stories of transformation: 

José, Brazil 

Jose Brazil TPJ
"TPJ, as the program says, is a 'journey' that seeks to present Christ through the Gospel of Mark, allowing us to see that Jesus is God.

"It was of great value to me since it teaches us to be like Christ was, seeing a man beyond his sin. Acting in a loving way, promoting forgiveness and the recovery of lives. Our role is to tell people about the gospel and leave the spirit of God, to convince them of the truth.

"I had the opportunity to be a participant in the course and now I continue as a supporter, and at each session I can see God transforming my interior and my life. God brought Light to me through the Word and Jesus."


Anonymous, Guatemala

Anon Guatemala"I have learned through the TPJ program that Jesus loves us even in a place like prison. He gives us his forgiveness of sins through his death to give life to sinners like me.

"I thank the people who encourage us to take these courses, because they make us reflect and value each life which is important since many of us lose hope due to long sentences.

"I thank our Lord Jesus Christ for his love for us prisoners knowing that He cares for each one of us." 

Our Director of Prison Ministry, Stephen James, travels around the globe training local PFI hubs in using TPJ. 

88% of our ministry is funded by the kind gifts of individuals. We'd love you to consider partnering with us as we seek to equip Christians to love, live and tell the gospel in all kinds of contexts.