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All three of the latest editions of our core resources are now available in Dutch. 

With the recent launch of the new Discipleship Explored, we are pleased to let you know that translations of Life Explored, Christianity Explored and Discipleship Explored can now be purchased from our resource partners in the Netherlands, IBB. 

According to Operation World, only 4.3% of the nation's population are evangelical Christians. 

Along with IBB, we are prayerful that these resources will help Christians in the Netherlands to reach out to their unbelieving contacts with the good news of Jesus. 

We've already had great feedback from a couple of churches: 

Church in Heerhugowaard 

"We are reading the gospel of Mark and during CE people are getting a clear view on who Jesus is and together we are learning about what He is doing in our lives. This gives a lot of joy."

Church in Leusden

"All the people are discovering the good news of the Gospel, and what Jesus can do in your life. What you see is that the love of Jesus becomes real. They renew their lives. CE has had a positive reaction in our Church. This year we also started with LE."

We are thrilled that people are using the resources so effectively already, and look forward to hearing more stories in due course.

If you have Dutch-speaking friends who would be keen to hear about these translations, please share this news with them. 

Dutch materials can be purchased from the IBB website. 


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