What's next for CEM in East Asia?
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It often comes as a surprise to people to hear that Christianity Explored Ministries is 90% international. Most of our series are run outside of the UK, in places as far-flung as Albania and Uganda, and our materials have been translated into around 50 languages.

Louanne Enns, our Operations Manager, shares the story of CEM in East Asia below. Could you be part of the next chapter?


At the end of May, a handful of people from various East Asian backgrounds gathered for a wonderful evening hosted by our friends Mei Ling and Richard Routley in Northwest London. The room was buzzing as guests mingled to share how they were connected to the global CEM family.

After a delicious Malaysian meal, Rico and the team told the unfolding story of Christianity Explored slowly gaining momentum in East Asia:

Hong Kong and Korea

After an initial trip in 2013 to Hong Kong to launch the 2nd Edition of Christianity Explored in Chinese, a core group of churches began using the material.

However, it wasn’t until 2015 that wider momentum gathered in the region when our Korean ministry developed in partnership with IVP Korea.

Christianity Explored and Life Explored have been translated into Korean and the ministry among churches and seminaries has been growing steadily in recent years. Discipleship Explored will be introduced at an Annual Conference in November 2018.

Read more about our work in Korea

Malaysia and Indonesia

While Rico first visited Malaysia in 2008 introducing the English resources, it is only in the past few years that churches in Malaysia and Indonesia began informal translations into local languages.

A passionate network of churches using the material has now emerged in these neighbouring countries.

Craig Dyer visited Jakarta in March 2018 for a training conference which has encouraged local outreach in the city.

A partnership has also developed with St. Mary's Cathedral and there are exciting plans for a November 2018 training conference in Kuala Lumpur to equip more churches in Malaysia.

Translations are also underway in Mandarin and Tamil, among others. 

What next?

We are currently planning an exploratory trip to East Asia in November 2018 to meet with local churches and discuss a strategy for a ministry hub in the region.

If you have an interest or networks in this region, we’d love to hear from you.

Please leave your name and email address below if you'd like to know more. 

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