Ex-policeman behind bars 

Image: Tony Hisgett

Meet a retired policeman who now spends his days introducing prisoners to Jesus through Christianity Explored. 

At the time of my conversion I was 17 years into a 30-year police career after a moral, but not a Christian, upbringing. My daily diet was dealing with crime, “criminals”, and the application of criminal justice.

The way I dealt with offenders coming within my orbit changed significantly after I became a Christian. The same practical legal process was applied (actions have consequences), but with a God-given understanding that all people are made in the image of God.

Role reversal

Fast forward to 2012 and I find myself in prison as a retired police officer; not serving a sentence, but helping the prison chaplains run a Christianity Explored Prison Edition (CEPE) course. Since then I have helped deliver a number of other prison edition courses from the CEM stable.

This has been hugely rewarding.

Firstly, because the courses open up an avenue for people in prison to investigate the reality of the gospel and this is something God has given me a passion for.

Secondly, because of the privilege of meeting and relating to the guys in prison; and thirdly, because I see the change that being exposed to the gospel can make in the lives of these people.

I advertise my identity (a disciple of Christ) when helping to deliver courses, but I don’t want to place a potential stumbling block in the way of the explorers, so remain silent about my police career (which has been very helpful in equipping me to serve in ministry).

What's it like? 

The explorers have been universally polite and respectful.

You tend to get a sense of the differing characters and natures; the comical, the studious, the extravert, the introvert, the dogmatic, the liberal, the warm, the distant, etc. In fact, a microcosm of relationships we experience outside of prison.

The only difference between myself and an unconverted person in prison, before God, is that I have been reconciled to Him through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross.

It’s liberating to know and practice that truth through investigation of the biblical gospel.

If you'd like to find out how to get involved in prison ministry, please contact us and we will send you more information. 

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