Something More in Leeds 

Katherine, Publicity Secretary of Leeds University Union Christian Union reports on their mission week and shares how Life|Explored is allowing students to continue conversations about their big questions.

something more 1

From 13-17th February, Leeds University Union Christian Union held a week of events called Something More. We met to pray every morning before going onto campus to flyer and share the gospel. Students were invited to lunchtime and evening events, which we held in our marquee in the centre of campus. Lunchtime talks included big questions like ‘Heartless: How can a God of love allow suffering?’ and evening events gave opportunity to search deeper into the purpose of life, with talks like ‘Something More than the here and now. Is there life after death?’. The marquee was packed with over 100 people for each event and in the afternoons the Something More café was buzzing with gospel conversations.

At the end of the week we had about 100 people who wanted to know more and we needed to follow up! Many of these will meet one-to-one with a Christian to read Uncover John’s gospel. Some have attended church. But we also wanted the option of a stepping stone between the CU events and church, a way to bridge the gap. We found Life|Explored as a great way to do this. It has been brilliant.


We meet every Tuesday evening in a coffee shop in Leeds city centre. We enjoy good coffee while watching the video and chatting through the passages and the questions in groups. We’ve had two sessions already and they’ve been really encouraging, with 10 non-Christians attending. One of the girls made a commitment to Christ after the first session! 

The conversations and questions that come up during the evenings are fantastic, and the Life|Explored material is really helpful and engaging. One of the girls told us, "It’s a really great idea to offer such a friendly, casual environment to ease you into an understanding of what faith means, week by week." People have really enjoyed the discussions and have been open to sharing their ideas and thoughts. We are excited to see how God will continue to use Life|Explored over the coming weeks to follow up from Something More, and praying that more people would give their life to Jesus!

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