December 4, 2017

Dear Ministry Partners,

How can you help give people the confidence they need to effectively share the Gospel?
You are already doing so through your use of Christianity Explored (CE) resources and your support of Christianity Explored USA (CE-USA)! Together, we’re enabling ordinary Christians to introduce people to Jesus -- to help them love, live and tell the Good News.
Before I share some specific ideas on how you can help CE-USA expand in 2018, let me first assure you that in 2017 we’ve reached more people than ever.
For example, in Latin America, there is a significant demand for copies of the Gospel of Mark with CE study notes. This demand has had a beneficial impact: with larger print runs, we have much lower per unit costs. Now, we can share even more resources through courses, conferences, and relationships with key Latin American Christian leaders.
And we continually have new courses launching in North America too.  In the past two years alone, we have had more than 500 CE courses start in new places in North America – all with a staff of just two people! The total number of courses that have been run is in the thousands.
Through your support, you are helping to present Jesus so He can transform people’s lives. With your continued support, more people will come to Christ in the years ahead.
You will help more people like Frank come to Christ, so they can in turn reach others.

Frank's story

Frank was trying to make the Bible relevant to sixth grade Sunday school students, but he realized he wasn’t succeeding. He didn’t know the problem was in his own heart and his view of God. He shared his frustration with a friend, who is a Navy Admiral.  His friend invited him to a Christianity Explored course at McLean Presbyterian Church.

Frank said that he used to view God as mean, but now he realizes that Christ has paid the price for his sin to bring him to God.  “I am forgiven,” he said. “The video was effective and the message was clear.” 
Frank said that he is now back on mission one, which is to reach sixth grade students.  “I had to take a detour first to get my own heart right.”


South Shore Church

We’ve also seen God at work through CE in churches like South Shore Church, located near Boston, MA. During a recent CE course they were able to reach more than 20 people in this affluent area.

One South Shore Church leader said, “We did not want this to feel like a trite religious sales pitch but rather a thoughtful and personal exploration of the person and work of Jesus. This is what we experienced through the CE course, and why it was such a great success at our church.”


Financial need

Your prayers for and support of CE-USA are reaching many people like Frank who are in turn reaching others, and energizing many churches like South Shore Church. 
The year-end financial need for this strategic ministry is $75,000.  With only two staff and lean expenses, your gifts are put to work reaching people for Christ. 
Here are the specific ideas to help CE-USA I mentioned earlier:

  • $100 connects a key ministry influencer with a Leader’s Kit and promotional resources. These are influencers like denominational leaders, college and seminary evangelism professors, missionary agency leaders, business leaders, and leaders of other evangelism and discipleship organizations. This is a gift that can multiply many times over, as through their influence CE helps their organizations reach more people for Christ.
  • $500 produces training videos to be accessed online by local churches and ministry groups. Again, this is a leveraged gift as the videos are seen by thousands.
  • $1,000 prints and distributes 2,000 copies of the Spanish version of Mark’s Gospel with CE notes mentioned above. This gift reaches many in areas starved for trusted gospel materials.
  • $5,000 provides the seed money needed to launch a regional training hub. Such a gift would address our greatest need – bringing local training and strategy to support local CE efforts.

CE-USA is having an outsized impact for such a lean ministry with a small staff – and you are helping make it possible! With your help, we can do even more in 2018.
Please consider a generous gift now to support this important work.
By God’s grace,


Alan J. Avera
Executive Director

918 S. Pleasantburg Dr, Suite 018, Greenville, SC  29607

P.S. Thank you for your role in reaching people with the good news of Jesus. Please let us hear from you before year’s end if possible. Your gifts are greatly appreciated and will be used wisely!

Online payments and recurring donations can be made through our electronic giving page.