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For the first time I can honestly say that I have found a course that is not only centered on the gospel and Jesus, but saturated with it. CY threads the needle of theological depth and age appropriate teaching, leaving the student changed, encouraged, equipped and hungry for more. If you are seeking a resource that cares about theology, Jesus, the gospel and reaching students with the truth and love of them, then this may be a great course to walk through.

- Review on Josh Cousineau blog

The overall CY and CY Nano revised package is a superb resource which is both faithful to the gospel and clear in its presentation. For me, one of strongest features of the course is that it doesn’t simply encourage participants to ‘pray the prayer’, but, rather, has a proper emphasis on the implications and cost of becoming a Christian. Let’s pray that it will be extensively used and that many young people would come to 'CY' Jesus matters — and find their salvation in him.

- Jonathan Shulver, Associate Minister,
Farnham Baptist Church, in Evangelicals Now

OK, I had heard all about how wonderful this resource was, so I thought I would try it out and it's true – it's great! I didn't use the video, preferring to do the interactive talks and I think the teenagers liked that too as it gave them lots of opportunities for discussion. I have used this at a Bible class and at two different youth fellowships and have found it really good.

- Review on the Free Church of Scotland website

I thought it was good compared to other courses as it covers the same topics but in a shorter space of time. Also it presumes nothing, it does not expect that after the Why Did Jesus Die? talk that they all become Christians. Instead it waits til the end of the course to give the opportunity... It's a great, easy to use resource and also very adaptable.

- Posting from

I was looking forward to doing CY and was a little nervous, but I needn't have been. The CY course went very well and I would recommend it to others. We had fun and fellowship and we learnt a lot - including those who had been Christians for as long as they can remember. It is a wonderful thing to see young people with an active faith in Jesus - this course can help them - give it a go!

- Gary T on the CYOOB blog


This is a really handy resource for both Christian and non-Christian teens in a youth group or church weekend away. Let's you gauge where they're at spiritually and is super clear in explaining the things they may not understand. Solid stuff.

- Sam, via the Good Book Company

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