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Using the power of stories is a crucial characteristic of evangelism that will reach people in our present culture, according to several speakers at the Amplify Evangelism conference that I attended recently at Wheaton College.

From the beginning, we have helped ordinary Christians tell the story of Jesus – his identity, his mission, and his call.  As one pastor in New England told me,  people are seeing for the first time that Jesus was a real person.  People have many preconceived notions of Jesus, but we use Mark’s Gospel to get people to discover the story of his life as the Holy Spirit works through the words of Mark.

Now, with our new resource, Life Explored launching in September, we are discovering more ways stories can transform our evangelism.  Life Explored uses a series of 6 human stories, set in different time periods and different cultures.  We see the prophet Nathan using the powerful medium of telling a story to reach the heart of King David, getting him to repent of his adultery.  

As a ministry, we seek to connect people with the overall storyline of the Bible so that they can discover that the God of the Bible is the only object worthy of our ultimate worship.

AlanAlan Avera
Executive Director
July 2016


Annual Conference Report

Over 200 people gathered last April at Christ Church Presbyterian in Atlanta for our annual conference.  It was a wonderful opportunity for pastors, church leaders and workers to catch the vision of Life Explored, make connections, and be better equipped to build gospel relationships with their friends and in their local community.  

"The critical nature of the work is to build relationships with unbelievers so that when we invite them to Christianity Explored they will want to come with us, so that God can then do His work in their hearts."

We plan to make the video from two of the main sessions and one of the break out sessions available online later this summer.

Session 1: The Good God [#LifeExplored]
LESession1 LESession2
 What's the best gift God could give you?

Here's how the two films for session one fit together 

LE Kit

Film 1 [A preview of the six stories]
Discussion 1 
Bible Reading [Genesis 1:27-31]
Film 2 [Addressing our stories with the overall Biblical storyline]
Bible Reading [Psalm 19]
Discussion 2 

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Life Explored Launch Tour 
Beginning September 2016 various events will be held around North America introducing Life Explored. 

2016 LE Logo
22 September - Countryside Community Church - Sherwood, Oregon
24 September- Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Vancouver, British Columbia
25 September - Village Seven Presbyterian Church,  Colorado Springs, Colorado
October 18 - Hope Christian Church, Winchester, Massachusetts

More details and additional North America tour dates will be availlable soon on

If your church would like to host an event, contact us here for more information.  
Real Stories [#NowISee] [Watch]

"I didn't like God. I didn't like the idea of God." - Shane
"I was a mess. I was a sinner.  I didn't know Christ." - Lori
"One day I won't have to worry about my disability because I will rise up with a new body that is perfect and stand right next to Christ." - Jacob


Christianity Explored shines the glory of the Lord Jesus in the Gospel of Mark. Peter Cushman, Pastoral Assistant for Outreach, has encouraged the local church in Allen Park, Michigan to shift their focus in evangelism from one-time opportunities with unbelievers they don’t know to regular Bible studies with unbelievers they have a relationship with. 



Living Faith on Long Island [Article]


Living Faith Christian Church, a non-denominational church in a largely Roman Catholic area, has been running Christianity Explored twice a year for more than four years.  But as Jim & Josephine Casella share, they have done something even better.

Read how the leaders in Long Island, New York are now on fire for sharing the gospel in other places outside their church doors.

Welcome to the Team [Leader's Area]

As Christianity Explored is being used around the world, there are hundreds of pastors, church leaders and committed Christians involved in leading courses week by week.

The Leader's Area on our website contains extra course material, training sessions, logos and promotional designs to help you adapt Christianity Explored for your ministry. 

Access to the Leader's Area is available to anyone who has registered their course on the Find A Course map. 

Tea in Vancouver [Johannes Visser]
"When we decided to run Christianity Explored, I approached a local coffee shop to see if the Christian owner would be interested in hosting us. He wasn’t! I decided to try the newly opened tea house next door, run by an eclectic couple (she’s the lead singer of a heavy metal band!) and they gracious welcomed us in, and even gave me a key to the place.


We flyered the neighbourhood and had four people sign up for the course. Two dropped out early on and two completed it, both putting their faith in Jesus for their salvation! Both are now growing their faith and one has already proven to be a natural evangelist. We are keen to run the course again, and expect both to be in evolved in promoting and support it.

Recently, through business circles, I connected with the lead singer of the most established heavy metal band in Vancouver. When I told him about Christianity Explored, he surprised me with a “Sign me up!” He’ll be joining our next go ‘round, and we’re praying that our tea house host will now also participate, if only to get connected with him!

Over the years we have tried different options for reaching our neighbours but now feel Christianity Explored is the way to go moving forward. We look forward to seeing two grow into four, and four grow into eight, and eight grow into sixteen."

Honestly Speaking [Focus On the Family] [Listen]

Rico Tice recently had the opportunity to share ways you can weave your faith story into everyday life on the Boundless Show.