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Christianity Explored Reviews

"Thankfully, Christianity Explored is a new DVD series that can be recommended to virtually any Christian congregation. The biblical teaching is solid, the visuals are professionally crafted, and the unique yet thoroughly orthodox perspective presented in each session is enjoyable. And unlike many series, it will work for youth as well as adults. The quality A/V presentation is not frenetic, but neither will it turn off teens weaned on media, and it’s done in a manner easily relatable across generations."
- Resource review on God Equips

“Rico Tice is one God’s great gifts to this generation. He is a passionate preacher of Christ crucified. The course he has developed draws people into a careful study of Mark's gospel. It is great to see from Mark who Jesus was, why he came and what he requires of us.”
- Phillip Jensen, The Dean of Sydney
"Christianity Explored offers a highly effective way to help friends consider the claims of Christ for themselves... it has energized and equipped many Christians to share their faith more effectively and comes with study materials that are attractive, succinct and to-the-point."
- Alistair Begg, Senior Pastor, Parkside Church, Ohio

"Combining evangelistic passion and evangelical commitments, one need not choose between relevance and faithfulness with Christianity Explored."
- Michael Horton, Prof of Theology, Westminster Seminary, California

"The Christianity Explored (CE) materials are the best resources I know of for equipping the church of God to reach out and make disciples.  We plan to take our whole church through Christianity Explored and Discipleship Explored.  Our hard-to-impress youth were very impressed with Soul."
- Efrem Buckle, Elder, Calvary Chapel, South London

“What I welcome about the Christianity Explored course is that, in taking us through Mark’s Gospel, it emphasizes truths which are often neglected - like the gravity of sin, the centrality of the cross, the sufficiency of grace, and the necessity of repentance.”
- John Stott, Rector Emeritus, All Souls Church, London

"This is a brilliant resource...speaking to cynics and seekers with respectt and passion. I don't know of a better resource for outreach."
- Dr. Di Warren, EQUIP women, Sydney

"We wondered if the clear biblical teaching on sin and its consequences might cause some to stop attending... in fact, the attendance has been increasing if anything!  Aside from the obvious interest of our guests, a side benefit has been to observe the reawakening of believers to the excitement and power of the gospel."
- Eric E. Kalmbach, Markham Bible Chapel, Ontario

"It ‘lets the gospel tell the gospel’ and its all about Jesus. This is the great mantra of C.E., and it’s brilliant! Attractively and unashamedly C.E. is focused on the person of Jesus and knowing Him, and the format focuses on Jesus walking off the pages of Mark’s gospel."

"A man who completed the last course said how amazed he was that two such different people as his table leaders should speak with one voice when their bibles were opened.  As he grappled with this profound experience he felt the power of God suddenly come into focus.  We couldn't have planned or accomplished such a thing. What a privilege!"
- Alex Bedford, St George's Tron Church, Glasgow

“It has been an increasing concern of ours to train our people better for gospel ministry in terms of their own witness. Our people have been greatly helped by Christianity Explored, they’re encouraged and beyond encouraged - they’re excited and very eager to get about the work of gospel witness.”

- Fred Zaspel, Senior Pastor, Cornerstone Church, Skippack, Pennsylvania

Discipleship Explored Reviews

"We used Discipleship Explored in our church over a couple of months in the spring. It’s a great resource which I can highly recommend . . . Session 5 ‘righteous in Christ’ on Philippians 3:1-9 is superb. We all said afterwards that we should watch that ten-minute episode at least once a year because it encapsulates the truth of justification so well and applies it so powerfully."

- Tim Chester, Author of Total Church and Pastor of The Crowded House, Sheffield

"I am very impressed with the quality, both technically and in terms of content, of the Discipleship Explored DVDs. Barry Cooper's eight short talks are clear and engaging. They get straight to the heart of the challenges that the follower of Christ needs to face."

- Jerry Hicken, DE table leader, All Souls Langham Place, UK

"It is a group of studies resolutely centered on Christ, making it clear that he is the only foundation on which disciples should build. This will be a regular feature of our evangelistic and discipleship programme."

- Philip Moore, Hamilton Road Baptist Church, Bangor, Northern Ireland

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