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The idea behind developing the site was to create a welcoming, unpressured and jargon-free place for people to explore the Christian faith.

The site is packed with answers to tough questions as well as some wonderfully engaging real-life stories of people who have come to faith in Christ Jesus. There is an animated presentation of the gospel and some info on the Christianity Explored course as well as a powerful 'find a course' feature so that we can point people to churches near them running a CE course.

Here are just a few ways that you and your church can make use of this great resource:

  • If you are running a CE course, do make sure you register your course here so that it appears in the “Find a Course” feature.
  • Tell your friends and congregation about the website so they can point others to it.  Why not order some business-cards with the web address for you and your church members to carry in your wallet? 
  • Give guests attending outreach events and services the opportunity to keep thinking about Christianity by recommending the website as follow-up. Why not print the website address on your service sheets and on your powerpoint at the end of the service?
  • Use the trailers, video testimonies and answers to tough questions from the website in your services or as a way of starting your CE courses.
  • Link to the One Life website from your church’s home page.  You can download other free images and banners here.  
  • The "What is Christianity?" animated gospel outline is especially created to allow people to hear the gospel in a clear and concise way.  Why not embed this feature right into your church website for people visiting your site? 

What is Christianity



This feature now links to our latest evangelistic booklet,  Jesus. Who, what?

A straightforward booklet which uses five dynamic pictures to explain the gospel—who Jesus is, why he came, and what that means for each one of us.

Our desire is that the One Life website will be a great resource to help you love, live and tell the good news.

If you have any questions about the site or how to use it in your church, please feel free to contact us here.

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