May 31, 2017

Dear Ministry Partners,

Thank you for being a friend of Christianity Explored USA.
In a moment, I will share how you can continue to help people hear the good news of Jesus. But first, let me share encouraging news about the strategic work of Christianity Explored.
Kep James has served as an SIM missionary in Bolivia for more than 25 years. He has seen the value of getting Latin American churches to use Christianity Explored:

“Christianity Explored helps us deepen the gospel in people’s lives.”

Since 2014, CE-USA has helped lead 10 training conferences in 6 countries in Latin America, with more than 700 attendees – including more than 200 pastors! These conferences are critical; as many pastors in Latin America lack adequate training. Christianity Explored deepens their love of the gospel and shows them how to better reach their communities for Christ. Pray for our next training conference in Bolivia this August.
Through your support, we have also distributed more than 4,000 copies of the Gospel of Mark in Spanish, each with Christianity Explored notes to help people unfamiliar with the Bible. There is a strong demand for more copies and we are currently preparing for another print run.  
In the United States, we recently held our annual North American conference in Portland, Oregon, the most religiously-unaffiliated metro area in the United States, according to a 2015 study by the Public Religion Research Institute. In an area of our country that so needs the gospel, we trained 150 people to connect the gospel with people in today’s culture.
Callan Crossland is a Christianity Explored table leader at Countryside Community Church, near Portland.  Through Christianity Explored, Callan led Joy – who had left the church to become an avowed atheist – to embrace the good news of Jesus and return to church.
As they journeyed through Mark’s Gospel in the Christianity Explored course, there was a point where Joy said this about the disciples:

“Why can’t they see who He is?”

This gave Callan chills because it meant Joy was starting to see!

Through your prayers and support, people like Joy are discovering the good news of Jesus. I’d like to share four key initiatives that you can help make possible in 2017.
Latin America – Your support enables our ongoing work in Latin America, including training conferences, the reprinting of the Spanish translation of the Gospel of Mark mentioned above, and printing Spanish language Christianity Explored handbooks.
Training Opportunities – Church leaders have told us that they want training resources that are accessible to them despite their busy schedules. Your support helps us produce webinars and “best-practice” videos to share with these church leaders. We are actively exploring other ways to use technology to make training convenient and available.
Discipleship Explored – “What’s the best love you’ve ever known?” This question is at the heart of Discipleship Explored, an eight-session study through the book of Philippians. With your support, we are planning to launch an updated edition of this course in early 2018.
Reaching Teenagers
– Many have found Soul, the millennial edition of Christianity Explored, effective with older teenagers, while CY is perfect for middle school students. One youth pastor shared that CY is the best resource available for addressing the spiritual identity questions middle schoolers are asking. Your support helps us introduce these courses to youth pastors and gets Christianity Explored resources in the hands of volunteer youth leaders.
Now I’d like to share exciting news of an important milestone: Christianity Explored is now in more than 100 countries! And in the Americas, the number of people discovering Jesus for the first time through Christianity Explored is growing. Just think of the number of people still to be reached – and their potential impact on even more people!
As our ministry year comes to an end on June 30th, would you help us finish well? We need an additional $50,000 to enter our next ministry year with resources to accomplish initiatives like those listed above, and to expand our capacity to help churches share the good news of Jesus. Please prayerfully consider a generous gift now (or before June 30)!

You can respond either with a special end-of-ministry-year gift or you can become a monthly partner. Your gift will help equip people with confidence to share the gospel.  We love to hear ordinary Christians say, “I can do it.”
By God’s grace,


Alan J. Avera
Executive Director
918 S. Pleasantburg Dr, Suite 018, Greenville, SC  29607

P.S. Thank you for partnership with Christianity Explored USA. Please let us hear from you on or before June 30. Your gifts will be appreciated greatly and used wisely!

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